To support the permanent preservation of information assets,
we provide services for the physical management, scanning, digitizing and management of digitized content
for all forms of information media including documents, books, photos, magnetic tapes and video media


TOTAL SERVICEThese can all be provided together.

We can provide the whole services you need, such as pick-up, storage, digitization, viewing, delivery and disposal of items.

Pick-Up and Delivery Service
Collection and delivery methods can be tailored to specific locations and quantities.
Storage Service
Data storage, physical storage of documents, individual document management and statutory storage.
Digitizing Service
Conversion of documents to data, scanning, delivery of electronic media, online inventory management, time stamp services
Disposal Service
Acceptance of documents for disposal, dissolution treatment (STEP), dedicated boxes for disposal



We provide an online management system that enables the storage, viewing and sharing of information deposited with us.

Our eTRUNK service is an online system for safely and efficiently managing the document lifecycle from confirming document inventory to storage and retrieval of original documents and disposal. Additional options include file sharing and order approval functions, and enhanced document management support is also provided. We employ security on par with financial institutions, giving clients an additional level of comfort in using our services.



By offering a highly secure environment and managing documents in accordance with ISO, ISAE3000 and ISAE3402 procedures, we provide a complete, optimum structure for managing items stored with us.

Enhanced Disaster Prevention Equipment
Seismically isolated, earthquake resistant, falling prevention device and fire resistant structure; inert gas fire extinguisher system; temperature and humidity control; dust-proof equipment
Note: Excludes some facilities
Robust Access Control
Seven types of authentication (PIN codes; ID check; EV keys; IC cards; PIN codes; biometric authentication; cylinder locks); all entry and exit history logs retained.
BCP Measures
Storage of backup media; distributed storage in nearby and remote locations; distribution of risk in the event of a natural disaster.
Secure Delivery
Dedicated vehicles; scheduled or unscheduled collection and delivery; in-vehicle cameras; GPS


We store and manage business confidential documents and backup data.

Document Storage

Document Storage
With the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other relevant laws and regulations now in force, we have taken the appropriate steps with regards to document management, and have put in place adequate safeguards against loss of documents in the event of earthquake or fire, and in response to human risks including the leaking and loss of information.
Coverage Business Documents, Contracts, Application Forms, Construction Drawing, Clinical Records, X-ray Pictures
Features Information leak prevention, operational efficiency

Magnetic Media Storage

Magnetic Media Storage
Electronic media requires extreme care with regards to handling and storage environments. We ensure safe, secure, reliable storage through the use of advanced security controls and through procedures in line with ISAE3402 standards.
Coverage Tape Cartridge, DLT and LTO Tapes, DAT tapes, HDD tapes...
Features Backup media, Special Containers for Storage

Valuable Documents Storage - T-Archive -

Digitization and Archive
Scanning service. Digitization and archiving are available for contracts, application forms and other business documents. We can also offer digitization and archiving for company information and history including brochures, company magazines, and construction drawings.
Coverage Contracts, Application Forms, Company Magazines, Construction Drawings, Brochures and Catalogs
Features Non-destructive scanning and Links to storage facilities


This service is provided through the Warehouse TERRADA Time Center, which assigns a reliable fixed date and time to every type of client data, including electronic documents, images and voice, making it possible to detect any alteration. It is offered with software compatible with Act on Special Provisions concerning Preservation Methods for Books and Documents Related to National Tax Prepared by Means of Computers and intellectual property protection.

*Approved by the time-stamping service accreditation program.

Other Services

Document Management (Management of Original Document) Documents and books Files Single page documents
Web searching and ordering Management by department Notification of storage deadlines
Delivery Scheduled deliveries BCP response Emergency response Remote/regional response Dedicated vehicles
Archive System Document and form management (ECM) Rare book archive
Cloud On-premises Links to various apps


Insurance Documents generated in processing insurance applications can be deposited and digitized by individual policy
Lease/Loan Document management and disposal of originals upon contract expiration
Medical Storage of charts and other medical documents, and storage of specimens and other materials
Digitization of documents linked to electronic medical records, assignment of time stamps, providing search system
Construction/Real Estate Services from scanning of large blueprints to management of original architectural materials
Data Center Scheduled replacement of server backup tapes (using dedicated transport vehicles)
Remote storage as part of BCP
Publishing Digital archiving of books and newspapers published pre-DTP, provision of a retrieval system


Storage facilities are located in the metropolitan Tokyo area, as well as in Chubu, Kinki, Kyushu, Tohoku and Hokkaido.



  • ISAE 3402 [International Standard on Assurance Engagements #3402] Magnetic Media Storage Acquisition
  • ISAE 3000 [International Standard on Assurance Engagements #3000] Confidential Document Storage Acquisition
  • Time Stamping Authority
  • ISMS (ISO/IEC 27001:2013, JIS Q 27001:2014) certified (IC04J0086).
  • A Certified PrivacyMark Entity


Q.What is the size of the containers provided for confidential documents and magnetic media?

Confidential document box (for A4-sized paper)

W42 x D33 x H29 cm
Note: Each box should store no more than can be lifted by a single adult (up to approx. 20 kg).

Magnetic media container (for LTO tapes)

W36.5 x D28.5 x H 17 cm
Note: Other sizes are available. Please contact us for more information.
Q.I would like to be able to manage, add and remove documents and magnetic media.
You can search and place requests to add or remove confidential document boxes and magnetic media using eTRUNK, our web-based inventory management system.
Q.How does pick up and delivery work?
Documents and media are picked up and delivered via TERRADA-bin (using our dedicated vehicles) or a delivery service. TERRADA-bin ensures a high level of security for transporting confidential documents and media using GPS.
Q.What about security, disaster countermeasures and authentication?

Dedicated depository

Anti-seismic structure and anti-seismic storage shelves or anti-falling shelves inside the depository prevent items from falling. Gas fire extinguishers are deployed in areas used for magnetic media storage.


Warehouse entry and exit is strictly checked using surveillance cameras, motion detectors, card keys and 24-hour security.
In magnetic media storage areas, entry systems utilize vein authentication to ensure an even higher level of security.

About Authentication

ISO27001 and Privacymark are authenticated.
Q.What is the minimum number of boxes that can be deposited?
We accept storage of 30 or more boxes of confidential documents.
For magnetic media storage, we accept applications starting from one container. Please contact us for details.